I had a local anaesthetic vasectomy carried out by Dr John Boyle back in 2013. I was aware that he had considerable experience at doing local anaesthetic vasectomy hence why I chose him to carry out my procedure. 

He was extremely professional in his dealings with me as were his clinic staff who made me very relaxed when I arrived on the day of my surgery. I found the whole experience very straightforward and experienced minimal discomfort during the procedure. 

I had no post-operative complications although I was counselled at length about what to look out for and I followed this advice carefully. I was able to post in my post-operative sample four months after the procedure which confirmed the success of the procedure. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr John Boyle to any man considering a local anaesthetic vasectomy.


I had my vasectomy in February 2017. Not anything as bad as what I had thought it would be. 

I was numbed up prior to surgery, There wasn't any pain as such during the procedure. Just an uncomfortable sensation of pulling and tugging on one side only. 

The first day was fine as I did as directed and stayed in bed to rest. The second day was ok too - I was up and about with very little discomfort unless bending was involved. Third day was when pain started to kick in and I used a couple of ice-packs which did the job in cooling down the area. You can expect to experience some bruising but that is perfectly normal. As a scale I would rate the pain at its most uncomfortable for me as a 4/10. 

Throughout the whole surgery from initial consultation to the actual procedure itself I was made feel very comfortable by both Doctor and the Nurse involved. 

I personally couldn't recommend the service provided here highly enough.


Married with three boys, youngest three years of age, I decided to do the brave and decisive thing and have a vasectomy. My wife had done the "heavy lifting" when it came to family planning issues up to then. Now it was my turn. 

Being a doctor made it easier as I knew it was a relatively straight-forward procedure. John had a very reassuring attitude and put me at ease. The operation only took 20-25 minutes I think but it went very quick as I chatted to John and the nurse during the procedure. The anaesthetic worked really well and I felt great leaving after the surgery. I even went into town and browsed in a book shop before heading home to take it easy for the rest of the day. 

I did have a slight ache in the groin for three to four days I think but I returned to work the day after the procedure. The joys of being self employed! 

Now, seven years later I have to say it was definitely the right thing for us and provided us with great peace of mind. 

Queries or Problems

If you have any queries or problems either before or after your vasectomy, please contact us at the clinic on (065) 686 8140. Please note that for confidentiality results are not discussed over the phone.