Tongue-Tie Testimonials

We visited Dr. Boyle to have Clodagh's tongue-tie released on February 28th 2017. I was informed as soon as Clodagh was born that she had tongue-tie. Initially I was upset as I had planned on breastfeeding as I had with my other two children. After a day or two it was sore when Clodagh latched on which I knew wasn't normal. I asked to see the lactation consultant in the hospital who gave me Dr. Boyle's contact details.

I rang for an appointment on Monday and they had availability for Tuesday afternoon. Clodagh was only 5 days old and I was a little apprehensive about the whole procedure. We arrived early not realising that they were closed for lunch but we were met at the door by Dr. Boyle who let us into wait in the reception area, which was the beginning of a very positive experience.

We were called for our appointment promptly, we were met by a lovely nurse (Mary Kelly) who explained the procedure to us, and answered any questions that we had. I was obviously concerned about whether my little baby would be in pain and if this pain would continue for the rest of the day. Mary assured me that the procedure was just like having an injection for the baby and that most babies have no problems after.

Dr. Boyle was very gentle and thorough. The procedure was over very quickly and my husband felt that Clodagh was more upset by being held than she was by the procedure. She was handed to me to feed her straight away and we have never looked back. Mary checked to ensure Clodagh was latched correctly and spent time with us, and answered any questions that we had. By that evening it was no longer sore when Clodagh latched on.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. John Boyle to any new Mother to have their babies tongue-tie released. Clodagh is nearly 5 weeks now and is still breastfeeding with no issues.


I was absolutely delighted with the service I received from Dr. Boyle. 

My baby was was born on a Wednesday. Breastfeeding was very painful initially but after breastfeeding my  last baby for 11 months I knew the pain would subside. However it did not subside, it intensified. Over the weekend breastfeeding was agony and I began to dread feeding my baby. I had the typical signs of tongue-tie: cracked nipples, painful feeding, infant feeding all the time, lipstick shaped nipple after feeding. 

On Monday I was on the cusp of giving up when my Public Health Nurse rang. I told her my story and she suggested that I contact Dr. Boyle. He made every effort to fit me in that morning. He explained the procedure and the tongue tie was dealt with in a matter of seconds. My baby breastfed straight away. He allowed me to stay in a private room to continue breastfeeding. Straight away feeding was less painful and after 2-3 days it was pain free. 

Three months on I am still breastfeeding. I cannot thank Dr. Boyle and his team enough for their empathy, kindness , skill and efficiency. Had I to wait one more day I think, I would have had to give up reluctantly.


Queries or Problems

If you have any queries or problems either before or after your child's tongue-tie release please contact us at the clinic on (065) 686 8140.